Sunday, August 31, 2008

Article of Faith 2 - Personal Commentary

How wonderful is the gospel of Jesus Christ, which does not punish us for a transgression that is not our own. I think that God would prove to be unjust if we were to be punished for something we had no role in and took place many thousands of years before we even entered the picture.

When I was in Basic Training for the Army back in 1998, this was before I was a member of the LDS church, a fellow trainee was very concerned about The Fall. She new I had Christian beliefs, and she asked me directly how Satan could thwart God and tempt Adam and Eve. I surprise myself in remebering this conversation, and having an understanding of this episode that is not too well known outside of the LDS faith, at least as far as I am aware. I told her that it was a part of the plan. That Satan, who was trying to thwart Gods plan, was really playing right into His hand. It was necessary for Adam and Eve to partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, because without it, they would not be able to be mortal beings with the opportunity to progess, and especially the opportunity to have children. Indeed, if they had not partaken, the plan of God would have been frustrated.

Alma lays out the plan in the Book of Mormon. He explains it beautifully.
Alma 12:22-26

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! It is perfect and whole, it is merciful and just. How grateful I am to know that I will be held accountable for my sins and notfor Adam's transgression in the Garden of Eden as well.

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